The Fondle Filter filter

by testicularnz 

Testicular cancer does not only affect older men, contrary to popular belief. It also occurs in young men, but can be detected early and treated with self-monitoring. It was decided to reach out to this group of young people and make the subject of self-testing less uncomfortable and more normal, even necessary. AR technology was used to create the AR Lens, which is available on Snapchat, to familiarise them with the topic and reach out to them. Using the rear camera, anything round is transformed into pellets that move, change colour and react to hand movements - the idea being to promote self-control through humour!

The Fondle Filter filter camera

This is new augmented reality filter The Fondle Filter belonging to Instagram AR Filters. This AR Filter has the number 393171. It comes from our AR Face Filters and has interactive elements. If you want to own AR Filter feel free to contact us!