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Our platform focuses on providing effective AR/XR solutions for marketing, enabling collaboration between brands and creators, consulting, and sharing our expertise with marketers, brands, and technologists.
Our story
The Beginnings
Lenslist started over 7 years ago in a form of a spreadsheet with a few dozens of AR experiences we could find online as an extension of our AR Creative Studio.
Starting the Network
A year later we published the first AR Talk - interview with one of (then) few AR Creators, and first ones who joined our Community.
Becoming the Curators
After growing our network and noticing our impact, we started to publish Weekly Selections of the best AR experiences online and established our role in the Community as Curators, Supporters and Experts on top of developing our own AR solutions.
1st Partnership & More Content
We’re getting noticed by media, more XR professionals and finally - biggest social media platforms.
This year we launched our first Creators’ Challenge in partnership with Snap and produced billions of impressions of our and our Community’s content.
Bringing in the Opportunities
After delivering a couple of activationswith Snap, we started working with Meta and Spark AR to bring the monetization opportunities straight to our Community with paid Weekly Selections and more Creators Challenges, distributing over $250,000 to AR Creators around the world.
Growing & Expanding
With metaverse as the keyword of the year, and AR becoming more popular we’ve managed to bring more opportunities to our Community, focus on new types of content and nurturing collaboration between AR Creators, brands and platforms.
We Mean Business
This year was all about creating new products and solutions aimed at making the connection between business and creativity in the AR/XR space easier and more effective. First, we launched XR Bazaar, a creators marketplace allowing brands and marketers to find a perfect AR/XR collaborator. Then we also premiered our AR Search Engine, tailored to planning a marketing campaign and the AR Filter Brainstormer – an AI-powered tool helping you generate ideas for AR-enhanced marketing activations.
What’s Next?
As experts in this space, we foresee a great and exciting future for anyone working with or exploring AR/XR solutions today.
Contact us to see how to take advantage of this tech in your business, art orpersonal journey.
Meet Our Team
Image of Zuza Sliwinska
Zuza Sliwinska
COO & Co-Founder
Image of Pawel Jarco
Pawel Jarco
Image of Ola Jus
Ola Jus
AR Project Manager
Image of Jana Michajlowskaja
Jana Michajlowskaja
Community Lead
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