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Schedule a call and take advantage of our expertise. We’ve tried and tested 50,000+ AR filters so you don’t have to.
Why Consult with Lenslist?
Learn how AR filters can amplify your marketing strategy,
Make sure you pick the right publishing platform and AR filterformat to match your campaign goals – we’ll tell you what works where and why,
Make your AR filter popular and successful – we’ll advise you on the “how”, meaning the creative, UX, UI, tech solutions, publishing and promotional strategies,
Pick the right creator, partner or collaborator for the job,
Explore the power of immersive tech beyond AR effects,
Develop a long-term immersive strategy,
Learn and retain know-how about AR/VR/XR and AI in your team.
We are a team of immersive tech experts, with years of experience in developing, producing and curating AR/XR content.
As an ecosystem-enabler, we have a very broad and specific perspective on the immersive technology space, collaborating and partnering with all parties present at the AR/XR table – top software providers like Niantic and 8th Wall, social media and tech platforms like Meta, Snap and TikTok, globally renowned creators, and last but not least brands or marketing agencies stepping into the space looking for new ways to engage their audiences. 
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Consulting Options
We adjust to your needs and goals – all our plans are flexible when it comes to the level of engagement, type of support and cost.
Briefing Prep
Once subscribed to our Briefing Prep, anytime you receive a brief for an AR filter, a campaign that might need AR/XR solutions or you yourself need to come up with a creative brief or respond to an RFP, we’re here to help you draft a proposal, generate ideas, scope for the right tech solution, give you the right references and make sure your proposal or brief is feasible, well-described and valued.
Project Support
With this plan you don’t have to worry about the feasibility of your project, or its final outcome. We support you in tech scoping, matching the right solutions with your campaign goals and making sure you’re on time and on budget. Depending on your needs, we can manage any AR/XR project on your behalf from start to finish.
If you already have a creative brief ready, we’re here to help you pick the right person or company for the job. We have a network of thousands AR/XR creators and creative studios all around the globe and can either recommend or onboard them as your collaborator or white label partner. Another solution for scouting is our mockups contest – we share your brief with our top partners and get back to you with their proposal and pricing to then help you make the final pick.
AR 101 Workshops
This set of workshops is the quickest way to generate and retain AR/XR know-how in your team. We start right where you’re at and walk you through all of the most important and practical aspects of developing innovative projects including immersive technologies. We focus on your needs and goals and adjust our curriculum to you, to show you how you can use AR/XR to your advantage. As marketing professionals ourselves, we speak your language – no technical knowledge or coding skills required.
Strategy Building
The best way to establish your brand amongst the most innovative players in your industry and make sure you’ll be the first one connecting with Gen Z – digital natives soon to become your main client pool. This is the most comprehensive type of collaboration, where we go deep into your operations and identify how immersive technologies can enrich or enhance your existing marketing strategy in the long term.
Having trouble with ideation or development?
We got you covered!
If you’re still gathering know-how about AR and need help with generating concepts and campaign ideas or looking for references for your pitch deck or proposal, create an account and try our tools for ideation like AR Search Engine or AR Filter Brainstormer.
Once you’re done with the ideation process, know the cost and time needed for the project, the next step is to find the right person for the job! Send us your brief to match your project with the best-fitting creator or creative studio, or go straight to our Creators Marketplace to post a job offer or search for yourself.
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