Dräger UCF® FireCore filter

by draegerfire

Dräger Fire is a division of Dräger, a company specializing in medical and safety technology. Specifically, Dräger Fire focuses on providing fire protection and safety solutions. This includes a wide range of products and services related to firefighting and fire safety. These products may include fire extinguishers, fire alarms and detection systems, fire suppression systems, personal protective equipment for firefighters such as helmets and breathing apparatus, as well as training and consultancy services related to fire safety. Try this AR effect and experience new hands-free thermal imaging camera! AR effect made in collaboration with @byten21 & @jin_agency.

Dräger UCF® FireCore filter camera

This is new augmented reality filter Dräger UCF® FireCore belonging to Instagram AR Filters. This AR Filter has the number 378675. It comes from our AR Face Filters and has interactive elements. If you want to own AR Filter feel free to contact us!