80' Pavlo Tkachenko filter

by lens.list While our brains are already in different Metauniverses, our abilities are still restricted by the limited amount of game engines and bad internet connection. And when one social platform out of many collapses, everyone gets shaken up with panic. This AR filter is about the mood switches, when our thoughts are rushing into a wild stream despite every virtual and digital restriction of our times. Stylistically, this effect was created in a spirit of Synthwave and collides with Lenslist’s 80s Weekly Selection anniversary. AR filter made by @masketing.design.

80' Pavlo Tkachenko filter camera

This is new augmented reality filter 80' Pavlo Tkachenko belonging to Instagram AR Filters. This AR Filter has the number 231058. It comes from our AR Face Filters and has interactive elements. If you want to own AR Filter feel free to contact us!