TulipSummer filter

by Peng Han Kum

TulipSummer is a game of planting tulips! Tulips are a type of flower loved by many around the world. I tried to simulate the tulip planting experience as realistic as possible. To achieve this, I need the function of recognizing ground, it’s planted location and it’s age. I leveraged on lightship VPS to remember where the positions of my planted tulips are. I then used lightship Semantics to be able to only plant on ground and collect water. Tulips in this game grows with time. So depending on the time, the tulip would grow into different stages. In this challenge, I modded the VPS script to instantiate individual game objects instead of only once. Then I mesh it with semantics.

TulipSummer filter camera

This is new augmented reality filter TulipSummer belonging to Instagram AR Filters. This AR Filter has the number 266277. It comes from our AR Face Filters and has interactive elements. If you want to own AR Filter feel free to contact us!