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by wondr.experience
WONDR is a brand-new immersive experience designed to dazzle the eye and engage the senses: a magical mix of art and entertainment located in Amsterdam North, the city’s creative heart. Designed in collaboration with dozens of local artists, WONDR opens up a confetti-sprinkled world of color and sensation, in a journey that invites you to play, share and explore. Let’s dive into a sea of pink marshmallows!


by netflixnl
Ares is a Dutch horror drama web television series, created by Pieter Kuijpers, Iris Otten and Sander van Meurs. The series stars Jade Olieberg, Tobias Kersloot , Lisa Smit and Robin Boissevain. The series premiered on Netflix on January 17, 2020. What is that substance? The question should probably be what is Beal since it turned out to be the black tar-like substance that Ares members “expel” from themselves by vomiting (here through eyes). Beal is a pool of all the guilt and conscience the Ares Society members have expelled. Basically, it’s pure evil!
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Ritual of Holi

by Rituals Cosmetics
To promote the launch of their new Ritual of Holi line in the Netherlands and Germany, Rituals turned to Snapchat for a targeted, multi-product campaign including an Audience Lens, Snap Ads and a big in-store Snapcode Activation. When the colourful dust settled, it turned out to be one of the most successful Lens campaigns in the region to date and one of the highest play times in the Netherlands.

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