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Orbit wanted to make people feel more motivated. To boost confidence and wellbeing, Orbit launched a #TimeToShine campaign, which was focused on emphasizing positive attitudes, even in situations that seem uncomfortable or awkward. With a simple gesture, which is raising eyebrow, you get an inspirational and dedicated quote. Try it and show off your shiny smile!


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The Young Pope

by Lens That / Filmbox



How to promote The Young Pope, a hit TV series directed by an Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino? By letting the holy light shine on your face making each and every fan’s next selfie extraordinary! Open your mouth to brighten once dim rays of light coming from above and receive a halo as a symbol of sanctity. #BLESSYOURSELF


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HBO Young Sheldon

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Sheldon Cooper has always been a significant character in the world of TV and comedy in general. That’s why many were hyped to see the Young Sheldon series launched on HBO. Go back to the early days of the Big Bang Theory lead and dig into the mind and personality of the legend. Become the Young Sheldon. Just raise your eyebrows to get clever with his famous sayings!


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Puma wanted to give a last goodbye to one of their top assets in football environment. Tomáš Rosický had been a long time contractor for the brand. Using this AR effect, everyone was able to become the Little Mozart with a special wig and a shirt of one of the teams he was playing during his career.


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