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Neon Sign

by Kseniya Grozdova


“This is your face in the dark under neon signs. Signs react to the emotions of the face. “Girls” – “smacking lips””, “Party”” – open your mouth, “Crown” and the rest is a smile.”




by Johanna Jaskowska


Nowadays, everyone wants to dip their face in the Instagram Camera Effects of the multi-talented, 26-year-old creator Johanna Jaskowska. This lens is no different as it is extremely popular on Instagram – follow Johanna and try it out yourself.






You like to be in the center of attention wherever you are? Use this Instagram Effect to make sure you are always in the right place.



by Ross Wakefield



“For Molten I wanted to create a dynamic, colourful and heavily stylised effect based around the concept of liquid metal. I made use of visual shaders and PBR materials to create a dynamic visual reminiscent of a furnace where the users face appears to literally be melting off.”