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X – Files

by Fox X The Mill X Facebook


The Mill continues it’s collaboration with Facebook AR studio to create out of this world effects for the new season of X-Files.

The X-Files reboot was a great surprise for all the fans of the show and if it wasn’t enough to start watching the show, they shocked us again with two new AR lenses. First turns you into an alien and let you experience how it would be if they really walked among us. With second effect you can finally witness an UFO abduction just like agents Mudler and Scully do on a daily basis.


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The Exorcist

by Fox Broadcasting Company, Snap Inc.


By partnering with Snapchat, we created a piece of augmented reality that did just that. With a combination of motion tracking, graphics, animation, and 3D modeling, we executed the first lens that allowed users to snap their necks, spin their heads around in 360, and share their demonic possessions with all their friends.


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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

by Fox Broadcasting Company, Snap Inc.


In 1975, The Rocky Horror Picture show became a pioneer in audience participation and fan passion. In 2016, Fox re-imagined the show for today’s viewer. Along with it, we also wanted to modernize the social experience with the show. We wanted to blend art and technology to inspire people to interact with Rocky Horror like never before. Snapchat’s augmented-reality Lens allowed us to do just that.


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by Fox


For the premiere of the newest season of Star, Fox came up with an amazing Snapchat lens – sing along or put some makeup on, have fun with it!