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by Makerlounge 3D-Studio


“Our XMAS AR effect is now online. I wanted to create a mix between an old tradition (the printed/handwritten postcard) and the new AR technoloy.
The target has the size of a real postcard (DIN A6), so you can print the target on a blank postcard and send it to your friends, family..etc 😀
On the postcard are all infos (QR code and link) to start the effect.
Here´s the link for the original target:” @StefanNitz



by Lionsgate


Entertainment company Lionsgate is the first brand to run a Context Card alongside a lens. The company is attaching a Context Card to a lens it is running on Monday for its upcoming film “Wonder”. The lens celebrates “World Kindness Day,” and if users swipe up on the Context Card, it leads to a URL where they can insert their location, view screening times and purchase tickets.


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