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by Makerlounge 3D-Studio


“Our XMAS AR effect is now online. I wanted to create a mix between an old tradition (the printed/handwritten postcard) and the new AR technoloy.
The target has the size of a real postcard (DIN A6), so you can print the target on a blank postcard and send it to your friends, family..etc 😀
On the postcard are all infos (QR code and link) to start the effect.
Here´s the link for the original target:” @StefanNitz



by Peppermint


To promote STX’s new movie, Peppermint, Powster created an AR lens for Facebook that puts users inside the movie poster. The lens was built using new ‘occlusion’ technology to remove people from the background. It’s compatible with both the front and rear camera. Find a face to activate the lens, flapping wings then attach to the user and can be changed by tapping the screen.


Bodlr Headphones

by Dan Baczynski Maciá



“I’m a maker and one of the things I’m working on is a custom pair of headphones made of up cycled offcuts and materials. I’d like to be able to allow people to customize these headphones and buy them online. So I’ve made this AR filter for people to visualize the product, change materials and virtually try it – then hopefully get interested enough to want one!”