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Play by your Rules

by Mercedes-Benz
“Mercedes-Benz has launched a global campaign to inspire people to #PlayByYourRules for the launch of the fun, sporty CLA Coupé. Created by antoni_garage in Berlin, the campaign includes a full-length online film, a print campaign, website, and the first branded Instagram AR filter from an automotive brand. Mercedes Benz is one of the few brands to participate in Instagram’s closed current beta programme.”
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by Atomic Digital Design


In this project Messenger Bot lets us jump straight into the AR effect and customize your car. What is cool you can see it both from outside and from driver perspective. After your customization is completed you can generate a code that can be typed into the bot to see the price for the vehicle, book a test drive or see more details.


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by BMW & Snapchat
In partnership with Snapchat, BMW used Lens Studio to create the first augmented trial experience on Snapchat that allows Snapchatters to interact and play with an AR version of the car before considering buying it. Unlock the power of play for your brand today.
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Jeep Hair, Don’t Care.

by Jeep
The theme of the lens is “Jeep Hair Don’t Care,” which is a phrase that car owners use to describe their hair flying around with the top down. The Snapchat lens shows users driving a car and when someone raises their eyebrows, the lens triggers hair to fly across the screen.
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