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Used To Love

by martingarrix


“Used To Love” is an EDM song by Dutch DJ & producer Martin Garrix and Australian singer-songwriter Dean Lewis. While the lyrics themselves are quite nostalgic and sad, “Used To Love” retains an optimistic vibe with a future-bass inspired sound.
See more: YouTube – Martin Garrix & Dean Lewis – Used To Love (Official Video)

Love My

by Allan Berger


“Here’s a funky entry for the Spark AR challenge which is inspired by Davide’s “Sparks of the Day” gems on segmentation 💜🌈 Turn up the volume! 🔊 Can you spot Mads Mikkelsen? 🕵️‍♂️😊”
@ Allan Berger


Scutter Microbe Melody

by Ben Ursu
“Scutter Effect is a game that Ben’s worked on in his spare time as a way to explore new mediums. Using everything from the plane tracker, particle systems, 3D objects, and materials, to sprites, patch editor, visual shaders, scripting, touch gestures and more, he says that he tries to use Spark AR features in many ways in order to explore what’s possible within the realm.” ~ Spark AR Creators.

Verizon & iPhone XS

by Verizon



Now that the iPhone XS is officially available for pre-order, Verizon and Apple are giving Snapchat users the opportunity to win the device through an augmented reality scavenger hunt rather than forking over $1,000 for one.

During September 2018, Snapchat users were able to collect virtual music snippets, which manifest as pulsing AR visuals via Lenses. After collecting at least three loops and one super look, participants will be able to mix them together to create a full track. Players could then submit their tracks for a chance to win an iPhone XS.



Source: Verizon Is Giving Away the iPhone XS via Snapchat AR Scavenger Hunt