Mamak AR Maju

by random.neeha
It uses the Real-World Tracking template, so it needs to be placed and tapped once to place it. The filter puts you into a typical ‘mamak’ restaurants that can be find all around Malaysia. To start, take a seat! and then tap on the white chair. A waiter will come out to take your order. There’s only 2 dishes on the menu so far, the ‘Roti Canai AR’ and ‘Nasi Lemak + Ayam’, but we’ll give you a complimentary teh tarik for our opening! The waiter will then take your order to the kitchen and you’ll be served in no time – with the food comes out piping hot, fresh from the kitchen! Also take around and see the exterior of the restaurant. It ain’t much and not that big for now, but we do have plans to scale in the future, so look forward for it!

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