ATLA Be a Bender filter

by Nickelodeon 🧡 

Trigger XR partnered with Nickelodeon and Snap to build an interactive & immersive AR experience tied to Avatar: The Last Airbender for fans to engage with the beloved television series. The lens was heavily promoted during New York Comic Con and allowed users to master the earth’s natural elements by bending fire, air, water, and earth through a Snapchat Lens. The two-part AR Lens also utilizes hand-tracking technology; when users place their hand in-frame, they can bend natural elements of their choosing. The Lens brings the elements to life on a smartphone in new interactive ways through exciting animations, sound effects, and the power of Snap Lens Studio.

ATLA Be a Bender filter camera

This is new augmented reality filter ATLA Be a Bender belonging to Instagram AR Filters. This AR Filter has the number 289376. It comes from our AR Face Filters and has interactive elements. If you want to own AR Filter feel free to contact us!