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Drafting a pitch and looking for references?
Need to find the right solution for your campaign?

That's when you need our AI-Powered AR Brainstormer and AR Search Engine. First generate some creative ideas using the Brainstormer, then look for references and examples that fit the brief using Search.

Both these tools are tailored to match your marketing campaign needs with already tried and tested augmented reality solutions.



Here to find a trusted partner
or experienced white label contractor?
We got you covered! XR Bazaar, our Creators Marketplace is packed with 1,200+ professional AR Creators and Creative Studios from all over the world, who are ready to work with you on all types of AR/VR/XR projects. Search for Creators, post an offer on the Job Board or reach out to us to help you scout for the best partner for you.



Launching a tech-heavy project?
Looking for ways to boost your results?
Lenslist Consulting Team is here to assist, advise and generate XR know-how within your team. No matter if it’s your first AR project or if you’re planning a comprehensive immersive marketing strategy, we’ve got years of experience and one of a kind perspective on the XR space as ecosystem enablers and curators that we’d love to share with you and your company.

AR Challenges

AR Challenges

Searching for a way to boost your visibility on socials?
AND receive tons of user-generated content?
AND activate hundreds of AR Creators around your brand?
Here’s where AR Creative Challenge with you as a partner comes in, allowing your brand to become an inspiration to a new generation of artists and developers. Imagine hundreds of AR filters published on TikTok, Instagram or Snapchat and then millions of people posting content using those filters – all including your branding. Then, what if you could pick the ones you like most and publish them on your own page in collaboration with the winning artist? Now, imagine that the whole process is taken care of by our team, and all you have to do is get in touch.
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Why AR?

Augmented Reality is the technology of the future, accessible to everyone today.

Each and every person who owns a smartphone can access thousands of immersive experiences called AR Filters, which unlocked a new form of content creation and became an ad format, both on social media platforms and standalone web or in-app solutions (WebAR).

Why include AR Filters in your marketing strategy?

Engagement Rates
Brands using AR filters on platforms like Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat report increased interaction and prolonged engagement compared to traditional posts.
Brand Awareness
AR filters enhance brand visibility and recognition. Studies show that users engage with AR content longer than static content, leading to better brand recall and awareness.
Conversion Rates
By allowing users to virtually try products through filters, or creating added-value through AR, companies have experienced higher conversion rates as users are more likely to make a purchase after interacting with the product virtually.
Social Sharing
When users interact with a unique or entertaining filter, they tend to share it with friends, amplifying the brand's reach organically.
User-generated Content (UGC)
Users enjoy creating content using these filters, which can further boost a brand's visibility as users share their experiences with the filters totally organically.
Data Insights
Marketers can gather analytics on user behavior, such as how long users engage with a filter, demographic information, and more, aiding in refining future marketing strategies.
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