About Lenslist

We started Lenslist back in 2017, right when both Snapchat and Facebook opened up their platforms to AR Creators all over the world.

As digital marketers and creatives ourselves, we noticed a huge opportunity coming from AR both as a means to express oneself and a next-level marketing format.

For these 4 years we’ve been not only creating AR experiences ourselves in our Lens That studio, but also managed to build and constantly update the largest directory of AR effects and Lenses online and create amazing relationships with AR Creators, social media platforms, brands and other AR-focused businesses to establish ourselves as an intrinsic part of the social AR ecosystem.

We see ourselves as curators, creators and marketers all at once. That’s why Lenslist is the best place to start your AR journey - both for brands and developers.

Lenslist for Business

We’re here to turn your ideas into life and your brand’s objectives into successful AR campaigns. We’re up to date with all things AR - trends, news, capabilities - and as experienced marketers we can guide your through your AR journey start to finish: from coming up with creative concepts to publishing and distributing your AR experience.

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Turning ideas
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Running end-to-end
AR campaigns

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Lenslist for Creators

No matter at which stage of your AR journey you are - we’ve been there and are here to help you learn and grow as an AR Creator. Get inspired by the best and most recent AR effects, learn about new features and possibilities and earn your credibility by having your work featured in our weekly selections, calls for content and interviews. And last, but definitely not least, receive briefs from clients and monetize your skills!

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What people say about Lenslist

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Digital Creator

Lenslist is like an archive, encyclopedia and newspaper of Instagram filters. They do an amazing job of creating a sense of value to each filter that they feature and review, boosting the community and new creators to engage.

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Isabelle Udo

Digital Creator

In a completely new industry, Lenslist is playing a major role when it comes to creating visibility for starting digital artists. Lenslist has proven to be a reliable and safe platform to celebrate digital Artists from all over the world and I couldn't be more thankful for that! The Lenslist platform is a truly inspiring place for me to check out the newest techniques, features and upcoming artists. Keep up the amazing work!

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Digital Creator

Lenslist is my go-to place to find inspiration and also find talented creators to connect with. They have helped grow and connect the AR community. Definitely the best and most trusted website to find the latest AR creations!

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Don Allen

Digital Creator

I just love how inspiring and informative the Lenslist community is. Whenever I need a spark of innovation and insight I take a look at all the beautiful work set up and curated here.

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