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by Danny Duong


A few of the members over at Wildlife put together this entry for the Spark AR Segmentation challenge. It transports you to different locations with a nice transition and location info.


Jungle Movie AR Filter

by Junglee Pictures


Folks, here’s my submission for Spark AR. India is a country which is famous also for its elephants. And with Elephants, we also have a Jungle. So here’s a filter, which gets you right inside a 360-degree Jungle. Watch out for sounds of the Jungle once you open your mouth. And also, soak in the water.



by Piotar Boa


Take a selfie with the front camera or use the back camera to record the world and the people around you. As if by magic they will be painted on a wall of which you can choose the color by simply clicking on the screen.


Mad Teapot

by JiMi Huang


Mad teapot expresses an emotion, when you’re angry, feeling hot under the collar, just like a volcano is about to erupt! Now you can boil water in a teapot when you get pissed off. Open your mouth, speed up the animation of steam and flame.
Move around your phone, you will see the panorama of the volcano.