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by Ross Wakefield



“I developed Digital-eyes as a homage to some of my favourite movie robots and the clever techniques used to give them character and emotions through their eyes. Digital-eyes adorns the user with a robotic visor with a simplistic led display that mimics the users emotions when the user expresses them through various natural face gestures.”



by Ross Wakefield



“For Molten I wanted to create a dynamic, colourful and heavily stylised effect based around the concept of liquid metal. I made use of visual shaders and PBR materials to create a dynamic visual reminiscent of a furnace where the users face appears to literally be melting off.”



by Ross Wakefield


Just for fun I decided to make a facebook filter as a testament to my good friend (and guinea pig) Dave. Upon launching the effect the user is prompted to shake their head which causes there face to transform before their very eyes into a very handsome guinea pig, complete with large front teeth and the signature guinea pig smile. When the user opens their mouth crumbs will tumble out and as an added easter egg, a tap on the screen will adorn their furry face with a black super hero eye mask for no reason at all!


Space Chimp

by Ross Wakefield


To raise awareness of the growing numbers of primates in orbit I created the space chimp. Upon launching the effect the users head is placed within a space helmet with a lowered visor reflecting the marvel of outer space. A nod of the head enables the visor to open, revealing a cheeky chimp bearing a mouth full of sparkling gold teeth.

(just a note on this one, the first link to the effect has actually been de-activated and didnt have the ears and teeth. The active link to the effect is below)

Space Chimps off to outer space!