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by Piotar Boa


Take a selfie with the front camera or use the back camera to record the world and the people around you. As if by magic they will be painted on a wall of which you can choose the color by simply clicking on the screen.



by Piotar Boa



The official Spark AR Creator Piotar Boa keeps augmenting our reality with top-notch camera effects. During the first 12 hours “Cosplay” got over 30.000 impressions of Instagram. An instant success of this AR lens proves the high quality standard of Fabio’s works.



Tron AR

by Piotar Boa


When I was a child I dreamed of watching #TRON. The movie inspired me to build this Camera Effect. Who remembers it? The effect is the fruit of experiments with Shaders and patches. This is the lightest effect I’ve ever created.