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Like Hunter

by Marc Wakefield


Amazing take on the topic of an Instagram AR game. Marc’s description: “Here’s a little thing I have been working on. It’s an actual working game! I made it with around four lines of JS and an absolute BEAST of a patch layout! Get loads of likes, even when you don’t have loads of likes. The score is uncapped so the only limit is your time and the strength of your jaw! 😂
I came up with this idea with the awesome Casie Lane Millhouse-Singh while working on a project with her.”

Although this effect is still in development, using it is already an interesting and fun experience. Be sure to check it out!


Vampire Nostalgia

by Marc Wakefield



“This started as a little experiment last year and became a little bit of an obsession… I am a huge vampire fan! I just love vamp films, TV series, books, cartoons and games. I wanted to see if I could pull off a transition from a Twilight style vamp to a Buffy, Dusk til Dawn, Lost boys vamp in SparkAR. It’s nearly there. I could keep tweaking but I am not a blood sucking immortal so I am calling it done!”





Hole lot of love

by Marc Wakefield


I made a special Valentine’s Day edition of my hole in the head effect! Apart from the heart-shaped hole, this one has a spray paint ‘bleeding heart’ vibe, arrows that shoot through the heart (and you’re to blame) and you can change the metallic colour by blinking. Mouth openness also controls the speed of the arrows! It’s on Instagram now. @Marc Wakefield


Scary Look-See

by Awful Augmentations / Crypt TV
Do you like scary movies? Both answers are correct here – no matter how do you feel about them, most of us would prefer to experience those really scary moments in AR rather than IRL. The rules are pretty simple, as they usually are in horror movies. You scream – the monster screams, you turn around to see what’s behind you – the monster is already gone! Filter made by Marc Wakefield.