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Dark Presence

by Jerzy Pilch



According to creator of the effect the inspiration came from filter beauty3000 by Johanna Janoski but with a twist. Basically if you use her filter in the very dark club room. And mixing it with Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D. album cover.



by Jerzy Pilch


I wanted to create something that would be an actual face mask. Luckily enough it is also a carnival, so I decided to combine those two and create a Venetian style carnival mask. Somehow ended up looking a bit like the lion king musical prop, not sure why. I think the detail is in feathers.
@Jerzy Pilch



by Jerzy Plich



“As a massive geek, I wanted to create a cyborg effect from a long time. Obviously, it ended up being a much bigger challenge than I thought. And I have redone the whole effect many times and probably will update it soon again but I am finally ready to release the first version of it. I got my inspiration from classic cyberpunk movies Blade Runner, Ghost In The Shell and the new favouriteLove Death and Robots”