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Amazon Echo

by Amazon


The Amazon echo snapchat lens is promoting the Amazon echo Bluetooth controller. The lens consists of the Amazon echo logo is in the upper right hand corner and an image of the Amazon echo is in the bottom center of the screen. This lens will turn you into a puppet.

Hearthstone: The Witchwood

by Hearthstone


For the launch of new expansion of popular online card game – Hearthstone, Blizzard released a special Facebook camera effect. At first user is unassuming, hooded inhabitant of The Witchwood. However, upon opening your mouth, you transform into a fully customizable Worgen! After transforming, you can adjust the color, hairstyle, and other cosmetic options in the bar that appears on the left side of your screen.


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Hardee’s Sliders

by Fishermen Labs


For our most recent lens, we worked with CKE (Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s) to help promote their new charbroiled sliders (nomz). Makes us wanna say “wee!”. Across the two weeks of the campaign, CKE’s lenses were used in over 300,000 snaps and wracked up almost 2 million views. The lens placement in the Snapchat camera carousel produced over 8 million impressions.


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Scary Look-See

by Awful Augmentations / Crypt TV
Do you like scary movies? Both answers are correct here – no matter how do you feel about them, most of us would prefer to experience those really scary moments in AR rather than IRL. The rules are pretty simple, as they usually are in horror movies. You scream – the monster screams, you turn around to see what’s behind you – the monster is already gone! Filter made by Marc Wakefield.

Fear The Walking Dead

by AMC


This lens is one of the more complicated snapchat lenses that has been created so far. The lens starts by putting you in a scene in Tijuana. In the bottom left hand corner you will find the logo for the show fear the walking dead along with the amc logo. The lens also has text that reads tonight at 9. Once activated a number of zombie arms will cover you and Turn you into a zombie.


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by Høyre


Who says politics has to be a bore? Høyre is Norway’s conservative party, and like any modern political outfit turned to digital channels to help drive voter outreach, this time in support of Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s re-election bid. With Norwegian voters glued to their mobile devices throughout the campaign, Høyre needed a mobile-first solution to reach Norwegian voters at scale and drum up support for Ms. Solberg with fun creative as Election Day approached.


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