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Pavlo Tkachenko

Ten years ago I started to study 3D design and Blender. At this time I graduated from university and became a sailor, so design has become only a hobby.

Few years ago I decided to quit with the sea and turn my hobby into favorite job. I began as freelancer, took part in different projects and worked with different people and companies.

Previous year I felt necessity to grow and develop in particular field. I’ve looked around and choose what I liked the most — AR. During the year I was upgrading my skills, reaching goal after goal and so I’m here where I am — a part of a cute company. I don’t plan to stop and will continue studying and raising the level of my knowledge and skills. Remember, even if you are self-taught specialist, anything is possible. The only things you need to reach purpose are persistence, self-confidence and thirsty for new knowledge.

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