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Balraj Bains

Hello! I’m Balraj and I design AR effects for Instagram with SparkAR, Snapchat with Lens Studio and TikTok. I am also developing my skills with JavaScript. The themes that drive my work consider our human existence and our psychological experiences. Sometimes we dream we are in a peaceful escape of ambient noises and soft colours, whilst other times we want to change entire political systems. AR experiences help us shape what we do or do not envision for the future, how we feel in the present and understanding the past. I combine 2D and 3D design with scripts and shader language to keep pushing what we can create in AR and the type of projects I can create. My work ranges from identity, fashion and beauty to imaginary and colourful environments. I hope to help break barriers and fears of designing with technical languages for myself and others who may feel overwhelmed and invisible, so we see creative potential thrive equally in its variety within AR.

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